10 Evaluate the outcome of an interaction you have had with an individual. (AC 6.3)

Outcome from interaction Counselling

In general, interaction with my friend according to established her goal go well. Both of us benefit. Some of my friends provide me feedback that I should charge for those kinds of services. Overall experience convince me that I would like to provide advice and help to those who need it. I also figure out that, challenging cases stimulate me to find action plans. Proposition of the best solution to cope with situation by adopting variety of techniques is deeply embodied in my mind. In addition, this case convince me that counselling role have a huge potential and opportunity. Evaluation of the whole interaction is slightly more complex and difficult. Thus, this is a friendly relationship not based on commercial circumstances. With this particular case, my overall experience of our relationship is associated with pain. When she gets what she wants to have, my role in her life was systematically decreased. I am not happy that those circumstances have had a real impact on my life. The bond with her seems to weaken after a period of time. Probably because I have nothing more to help her with her further career. She is my friend but she used me instrumentally to reach her main goal amoung with many others.

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