11 Explain how self-reflection can improve the use of counselling skills. (AC 7.1)

Self reflection cycle graph

There is always a margin to improve. Counselling skills are perfect for retrospective use. Identification of the potential problem and therefore to the adoption of the correct solution. Is the natural way of development. After a period of skill usage, it will significantly improve and become more natural to use. In addition, the highest level of competence have those skills, becoming our second nature. The highest indication of skills are those suppressed to uncountienes & automated. However, it must be taken into consideration that counselling role has no screenplay and must be used according to individual need. Everything that we do unconsciously without prior effort Adopting counselling skills to activity as self-reflection or evaluation will lead to improvement of service offer. Constant work with customers and obtaining feedback will help counsellor to adjust and improve their workshops.

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