13 Assess how diversity impacts on the counselling relationship. (AC 2.1)

counselling relationship

Diversity is a term of distinguishing by trait or quality between a person or group of people. A counselling relationship is not judgmental and must stay to respect for individual values and beliefs. Every single person have range of character and values. Counselors must to unconditionally accept individual to provide appropriate support and therapy. It is important that every single patient must to be treated properly and fairly. The counselor should not influence patient actions because of own belive and values. Diversity is a double axe it can impact the relationship in both positive and negative ways. There are many situation how diversity may influence or even impede communication with counsellor. One of the most obvious is a language barrier. If patient second language is English the part of important information can desapear in process of translation. If patients has a problem with hearing communication may be interrupt. The counselor may do not have information about individual culture. If the differences can not be overcome or if contact with individual is not possible the referral to the appropriate counselor should be done. If there is any issue about lack of accessibility to building or place counselor should eliminate those barrieras if it is possible.

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