13a Evaluate own strengths and weaknesses in using counselling skills. (AC 7.3)



  • Ability to find the meritum of the problem.
  • Knowledge of a variety of psychological methods and approaches.
  • Wide range of reading personal development literature.
  • Desire to learn and adopt knowledge in real scenarios.
  • Previous experience with relaxation techniques as meditation, Near Deep Sleep Relaxation (NDSR)
  • Interested in hypnosis, NLP, manipulation, and subliminal influences.
  • General interest in neurobiology and behavioral protocols to control mind and body.
  • Interested in psychiatry especial
  • Interested in placebo and nocebo influence to ill and healthy patients.

13b Weaknesses:

  • In general acquired knowledge lead me to explore subject from many different angle. There is a risk of loose interest if counsellor role will not challenge me enough. However, on this stage is fascinating for me.
  • Potential burnout may be a serious threat. I am a person who always put all what have in duty or committed activity.

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