18 Explain legal aspects of anti-discriminatory practice. (AC 3.3)

Ethical conduct code must consider each time there is a discriminatory suspicion. Many aspects of counsellors are underpinned by UK law. Belong to professional body abide counsellors to its practice code. However, there is no requirement to do so. The Equality Act 2010 as previously mentioned provides clear constraints on what is discrimination and must be obeyed. Counsellors’ public service offers must not discriminate and should make their services accessible to any person. Another piece of legislation Counsellors need to abide by is Data Protection Act 2018. Those two pice of legislation provide the main constraints for Counsellors all of the other aspects are underpinned by UK law. All counsellors services are based on contract. It means that it is a legal agreement between two parties. It sets the rights and responsibilities for both sides. Establishing a contract counsellor create professional duty to care about the individual and must avoid any omissions this relationship may bring. Liability means that against counsellor may be taken law steps if breach any laws or behave in the way that customer may be harmed. Counsellors should consider purchasing professional indemnity insurance to protect them against this kind of claim.

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