19 Describe how you have applied core theories when using counselling skills. (AC 4.1)

Skills Personal Development and problem solving.

After customer assessment. The most appropriate approach will be chosen. For example, it is recognized that patients experience some kind of mental issue. The most appropriate will be CBT thus, offering strategies on how to cope with that kind of circumstances.

If after assessment it will be diagnosed that patient need reassurance and support to convince themselves that is on the right track I will pick person-centered approaches. Unconditional positive regard and empathy may be enough to help the patient elaborate on the solution.

If the patient is extrovert and prone to discussion appropriate way will be to use psychodynamic counseling.

I always try to have my offer as suitable and attractive to customers as it is possible. Based on examples from my practice. The client came and would like to help him with decreasing self-sabotaging beliefs. Customers have no knowledge about psychology whatever. I screened customers against all available core theories to find the most suitable solution. Core theory helps me to identify customer needs and Socrative questions lead to choosing CBT therapy. ON the other hand, when we progress deeper customer reveals that he did not like to share the experiences he just wants to erase them and does not like to think about them. Therefore, we move to EMDR therapy to ease and eliminate symptoms. The final of the session was person-centered positive regard and unconditional positive feedback to improve customer mood. In this case, the integrative model was adopted as the most appropriate. This model was used just because the customer clearly show his needs and desires. It just shows that all options are on a table. I do not use one particular script because it is effective. I use all spectrum of methods to help my patient. Did I think about core theories when I done my decision? The true answer is no. I use the most effective sub-methods for particular cases. If I will have a not-standard patient and I can not assign him to any main group therefore I will use core theories to find a resolution.

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