25 Reflect on own role(s) and function(s) within a group. (AC 3.1)

Kenneth Benne and Paul Sheats

Depend of holed position role in a group is dependent to crowd influences. It is commonly know fact that individual act differently according to title and role. If I am a trainee my role and function will be different then on group session. It is important to understand current role and suit to it. The most famous are probably the experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo called closer as Stanford prison experiment. This famous experiment reveal how attached role can influence further behaviour. Going back to counselling. Many theories were developed to describe and predict human behaviour in group based on labelled position. From counselling point of view the significant impact have an article ‘Functional Roles of Group Members’ where Kenneth Benne and Paul Sheats defined 26 roles that people play in group. Those roles maybe supportive or destructive. For counsellor it may be useful tool thus it provide guideline where on leader hierarchy currently is. In general understanding the place and function of group is important to provide excellent service according to held position and assigned role.

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