8 Describe how you have used counselling skills to manage an appropriate ending to an interaction. (AC 6.1)

How End conversation?

Planning in advance of the ending of interaction is important. Therefore, customer will get information from advance that our next session will be the one when we will summarise the counselling relationship. We should also orient customer attention to special events which one be our last counselling appointment. All verbal and non verbal cues indicating the end of appoitment should be conducted from first appointment till last one. Our last interaction with customer should be a summarization of all achievements and benefits to the individual. In a process of counselling, we should clearly indicate that for us as councilors is to equip individuals in strategies’ to deal with uncertainly and the best prize for us is that individual may start to work on any case by his/her own. Our customer should have satisfaction from those kind of outcome thus, we validate and appreciate the development process and we trust that further situations will be maintained without our presence.

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