9 Analyse the benefits from one of your own interactions with an individual in a helping relationship. (AC 6.2)

analysis of costs and benefits

I decided to become a counsellor. Why? Because I have many previous successes in the field of helping others. I experience huge satisfaction when I can see how other people reach the life they want to. Literally, I experience joy even now, when I do type words on the keyboard, a wide smile is painted on my face! To zoom a story a bit closer… Let’s start from the background. My friend asked me to help her. She desires a change. A big project new job. The issue was loud. She had no qualifications to fit into the new role. Her English was poor, enough good to work in a factory but not in an office. Our first conversation about the issue aims to establish what kind of motivation she has to get a job offered by an exact particular employer. I explained she can reach a position. In contrast, based on my professional opinion I emphasize that she does not have the soft skills required. On the other hand, her desire was strong. I embodied that highly energetic desire into a constructive action plan. One of the parts of it was Clifton Strengths 34 it is a psychological personal questionaries’ offered by Gallup Institute. After assessing her strong skills and predisposition. We both spend about 20 hours on preparation for her interview. In that time, we also expand the target position to two others. The final outcome… Was that she get a job! Not just one in a period of few weeks she gets proposition to work in all selected three. This example among many other proves that I can help, and moreover… I love to do it! My friend benefits from the new job. I benefit from the satisfaction I have. Today I continue the counselling journey& would like to become a certified coach! Money and joy will act & play together in my orchestra band!

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