30 Determine personal development needs and goals. (AC 5.1)

personal development

My journey with personal development start 7 years ago. My goals are well defined and therefore. I know from where I come, Where I am now, and who I want to become. My personal development needs are associated with the improvement of time management and efficiency. There is always a margin to improve. Every single day I compare myself to the version I was yesterday. This kind of self-reflection helps me to understand my path. I need feedback from my customers in order to develop my own therapeutic approaches. My goal for 2022 is to finish CBT course.

What other goals do you have

I would like to climb on the highest mountain in the solar system. It is the mountain called Olympus Mons located on planet Mars. I want to be a first-person who will reach the peak. Sounds ridiculous or like screenplay fantasy? But it is one of my goals and I treat it very seriously. This year 2022 I would like also to finish my first screenplay. I am on a good way to done it. According to what I wrote about my goals for 2022 year. One of them was to finish the CBT course. I have already done Advanced CBT course level 4 diploma. I did it with a higher distinction. I also finished EMDR therapy diploma level 3 as well with higher distinction. Following this theme maybe I will consider the IAPT course or Hypnotherapy course. I do not do categorical statements just because the beginning of the year is not the best time to plan for me. From last year only the Counselling NVQ3 course was left to finish.

My impact on a group is collocated with positive influence. It really depends form a particular role and frame I am embodied in. The role of the moderator is probably the best describes how I suit in every group meeting. On the other hand, my usual role in the group is to manage the project rather than manage individual people. Based on that theme. My role in the group is on top of the hierarchy and my authority as the executive is therefore obligatory and undeniable. Therefore, my impact on a group is significant.

On the other hand if during the period there is no frame and every single participant is equal I hold different roles. I am the person who helps people express themself. I put attention to listening to every single statement. If there is any objection from other group members and one member of the group is excluded I will bring balance back. Other people see me as; moderator or policeman who cares about meritum of conversation. Usually, in a situation like this, I care more about the quality of discussion and outcome for every single group member rather than personal gain.

Those scenarios may vary and my role may be different. If the question is am I a natural-born leader? The answer probably is yes I am. I have the courage to lead and people enjoy it when I do it. But I do not try to be an alfa male every single time. I do not have the need to do it, especially when meetings are on a low level of communication or there is no operational sense to conduct meetings.

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15bi Psychodynamic theory – Strengths:

Psychodynamic Theory

Another important future for this theory for many psychologists is the lack of validity. If there is no chance to test validity each diagnosis may be valid.

Psychodynamic-approach based on past shows to the individual natural path of development and convinced that if we carefully study past we can avoid unnecessary pain in future.

The approach is flexible and may be used across cultural factors.

It is based on the past. It may be useful for therapists to discover patient archetypes and patterns of behavior.

It addressed unconscious mind issues so the therapy has a long-lasting effect.

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22 Explain why feedback is an essential component of personal development. Use examples to illustrate your answer. (AC 2.2)

I do not distinguish between positive and negative feedback. Positive means that I do follow in the correct direction and I should keep going that theme. Negative is an indicator that I should make adjustments to keep myself on the path.

To illustrate it. I obtain negative feedback about my essay. My tutor provides me with about 40 comments and annotations about the quality of my work. I can perceive this feedback as critic and as a matter of fact, it is. But it is also perfect feedback to evaluate and improve my writing skills. My tutor provides me with massive feedback. My essay weight 2000 words and I have got 1800 words of feedback. Should I treat it as something wrong? No. I treat it as a post showing me how poor my writing skill is. It was a perfect opportunity to improve what of course I have done.

Positive feedback. Is something that feeds my internal monster with serotonin. On the other hand, serotonin does not provide neuroplasticity. It congruent feeling of relaxation and sedation. To be honest, even I got positive regards I always ask what I can do better. It is to account for the adrenaline/norepinephrine substance required to start the learning process. To learn something we must fail. To summarise something that the general public calls; negative feedback, have me positive outcome. Furthermore, perception always depends on our internal camera settings.

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18 Explain legal aspects of anti-discriminatory practice. (AC 3.3)

Ethical conduct code must consider each time there is a discriminatory suspicion. Many aspects of counsellors are underpinned by UK law. Belong to professional body abide counsellors to its practice code. However, there is no requirement to do so. The Equality Act 2010 as previously mentioned provides clear constraints on what is discrimination and must be obeyed. Counsellors’ public service offers must not discriminate and should make their services accessible to any person. Another piece of legislation Counsellors need to abide by is Data Protection Act 2018. Those two pice of legislation provide the main constraints for Counsellors all of the other aspects are underpinned by UK law. All counsellors services are based on contract. It means that it is a legal agreement between two parties. It sets the rights and responsibilities for both sides. Establishing a contract counsellor create professional duty to care about the individual and must avoid any omissions this relationship may bring. Liability means that against counsellor may be taken law steps if breach any laws or behave in the way that customer may be harmed. Counsellors should consider purchasing professional indemnity insurance to protect them against this kind of claim.

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