8 Describe how you have used counselling skills to manage an appropriate ending to an interaction. (AC 6.1)

Planing in advance:

Counselling skills ay be used to manage to end relationships appropriately. Each counsellor relationship should be planned in advance. The number of sessions clearly communicated to the individual. Will provide the impression of control to the client as well to the counsellor. Those plans introduced at the beginning of the relationship will provide to counsellor clear sentence stating how many sessions are left to end the relationship. Also, our contract with customers should include those kinds of precise information. It is useful to remind the client how many sessions are left. Share that kind of information will convince customers that the relationship must end after the remaining sessions.

Orienting and collaborating:

The relationship between client and counsellor is not competitive is based on collaboration. If the customer required any additional session appropriate adjustment can be done if both sides meet in a middle. The essence of the counsellor job should be to equip individuals with skills help individual to continue their journey without couch presence.

Using verbal and non-verbal cues:

The counsellor may show the client that meeting going to end with verbal and non-verbal cues.

Verbal cues should become routine and present to customers on every single session examples may be like:

Closing notebook.

Put glasses into the tray.

Starting put tools from the desk in order.

Compleating the patient records.

It may be many other different activities anchored with the ending of the meeting according to Pavlov’s classic conditioning.

Reflecting and summarising:

An obvious indication to end of the meeting is summarising what was done in the period of the session and reflection. We can say for example:

-We are closer to the end of the session. Let’s summarise what we achieved today.

Acknowledge and validate the individual’s feelings.

Validation of the individual feelings may be also an appropriate way to end the meeting.

An example maybe.

-As we go to the end of the session let’s talk about feeling.

-How do you experience today session overall?

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