30 Determine personal development needs and goals. (AC 5.1)

personal development

My journey with personal development start 7 years ago. My goals are well defined and therefore. I know from where I come, Where I am now, and who I want to become. My personal development needs are associated with the improvement of time management and efficiency. There is always a margin to improve. Every single day I compare myself to the version I was yesterday. This kind of self-reflection helps me to understand my path. I need feedback from my customers in order to develop my own therapeutic approaches. My goal for 2022 is to finish CBT course.

What other goals do you have

I would like to climb on the highest mountain in the solar system. It is the mountain called Olympus Mons located on planet Mars. I want to be a first-person who will reach the peak. Sounds ridiculous or like screenplay fantasy? But it is one of my goals and I treat it very seriously. This year 2022 I would like also to finish my first screenplay. I am on a good way to done it. According to what I wrote about my goals for 2022 year. One of them was to finish the CBT course. I have already done Advanced CBT course level 4 diploma. I did it with a higher distinction. I also finished EMDR therapy diploma level 3 as well with higher distinction. Following this theme maybe I will consider the IAPT course or Hypnotherapy course. I do not do categorical statements just because the beginning of the year is not the best time to plan for me. From last year only the Counselling NVQ3 course was left to finish.

My impact on a group is collocated with positive influence. It really depends form a particular role and frame I am embodied in. The role of the moderator is probably the best describes how I suit in every group meeting. On the other hand, my usual role in the group is to manage the project rather than manage individual people. Based on that theme. My role in the group is on top of the hierarchy and my authority as the executive is therefore obligatory and undeniable. Therefore, my impact on a group is significant.

On the other hand if during the period there is no frame and every single participant is equal I hold different roles. I am the person who helps people express themself. I put attention to listening to every single statement. If there is any objection from other group members and one member of the group is excluded I will bring balance back. Other people see me as; moderator or policeman who cares about meritum of conversation. Usually, in a situation like this, I care more about the quality of discussion and outcome for every single group member rather than personal gain.

Those scenarios may vary and my role may be different. If the question is am I a natural-born leader? The answer probably is yes I am. I have the courage to lead and people enjoy it when I do it. But I do not try to be an alfa male every single time. I do not have the need to do it, especially when meetings are on a low level of communication or there is no operational sense to conduct meetings.

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