7 Determine skills necessary for concluding a counselling skills interaction. (AC 5.1)

Non verbal communication

The most important skills for concluding counselling relationship are planning the relationship in advance. Individual should be prepared to end of relationship when objective are done or time is finished. The counsellor may propose additional session when all of achievements will be summarised. Vibrating alarm indicating a end of session may be used to remember of ending session. In general we should establish a habbit to let our customer know that we need summarise and our session is due to end. Using verbal and non verbal communications may be the most appropriate way to show that our session will be end. The good example is close the notebook shifting usual position on chair. Acknowledge what was done in a period of session discusses feelings may be a nice way to move into next session. It is important to focus on the session end in order to avoid felling that therapy was not done.

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