9 Explain referral processes. (AC 4.3)

referral processes.

In an ideal scenario, referral is based on the agreement of both parties. It may occur that decision of referral was done before the counseling relationship was established. Especially under conditions and explanations listed in Q8. The process of referral should be investigated with the customer and circumstances that stay below decision should be explained. However, before the decision will be communicated to the patient counsellor should examine to whom the patient should be the referral. It may happen that no available therapist will be in range. Therefore, counsellor may continue the session till an appropriate one will be found. When counselor has an action plan then the decision may be communicated and therefore after agreement with the patient transfer can be done. It may be a challenging process for individuals thus, may feel rejected or abandoned. Summarisation and conclusion of achievements should be done with last session.

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