Migraines – Notes MIX

Introduction/ background info / aims section
In the United Kingdom, migraine attacks concern around 10 million people aged 15-69, whilst the total NHS costs of treating this illness is estimated to be £150 per year, and the wider economy costs are even higher (NHS, 2020). To reduce a number of migraine attacks amongst people and to decrease the NHS costs, it is crucial to find a proper medicine.
Migraine is a moderate or severe type of headache that usually appears on one side of a head. The pain tends to be throbbing, pulsating, or debilitating. The migraine can attack occasionally or regularly. The scientists have not yet found the exact cause of migraine. However, there are activities and behaviors that triggers its appearance – for example stress, depression, poor-quality sleep or diet, low blood sugar, smoking, or medicines. Regular migraines have a negative impact on one’s life and can disturb from daily activities. (NHS, 2019)
The aim is to introduce the results of the drug effectiveness testing, the differences between different drugs, and how they impacted people who suffer from migraine. The effective drug is needed to help the impacted by migraines individuals, as well as to lower the NHS costs of treating this illness.


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