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The English Oxford Dictionary defines plagiarism as the use of someone else’s intellectual property without references. However, the concept of plagiarism goes far beyond this narrow definition. The purpose of this document is to summarize Thomas (2020) presentation related to the wide issue of plagiarism.

According to Thomas (2020) plagiarism can be divide into deliberate fraudulent or unintentional. Some scholars consciously and determinedly commit the act of plagiarism. Such unfair practices deserve severe condemnation. However, students can plagiarise unintentionally. According to Thomas (2020) lack of academic skills may lead to unintentional abuse of academic rules. Furthermore, Thomas (2020) pointed out that deficiencies in writers’ workshops can lead to committing unintentional violations. In addition, Thomas (2020) lists areas in the writing process where scholars should put precautions in order to avoid plagiarism. The most serious consequence for a student may be expulsion from the university. Whether the plagiarism was a deliberate act or not, the author of the plagiarism may be held responsible.
Insufficient paraphrasing skills are one of the main determinants that may result in a research article being qualified as plagiarism. Thomas (2020), explains a number of other practices such as improper citation. A common factor seems to be the lack of adequate skills in creating content. Psychological stress also plays a significant role. Students who procrastinate with material preparation may not have enough time to finish an article, therefore may be prone to the temptation of plagiarizing.
Educational institutions are equipped with software that compares the content in terms of their similarity. However, the decisive vote in assessing whether a student has committed an offense rests with the teacher. The professor based on the previous work of the student can deduce whether the student’s work is a material created by him. Some of the students may not be aware of procedures related to the proper citation of source content. Committing plagiarism may result from an inappropriate technique of note-taking. The reasons why students commit an act of plagiarism vary from the lack of awareness and understanding concept of plagiarism.
In conclusion. Awareness of the serious implications of the misappropriation of someone else’s intellectual property is essential to an academic career. Whether the action is deliberate or the result of the student’s lack of skill, the consequences of plagiarism can be prominent. Plagiarism may be easily avoided if all credits are granted to authors appropriately. Time management techniques and proper executing action plan on each step of the creative process are essential. Correct note-taking techniques may be a remedy for plagiarism. An updated database of all sources, proper citation of every single idea is beneficial to the majority of academic stakeholders.

Thomas, S. Understanding Plagiarism. De Montfort University, 2020.

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