This Reflective report primarily examines personal experiences based on module at De Montfort University International College. English for Academical Purposes has continued since we began our education. I will focus mainly on the issue related to the preparation and implementation of a group research project. The main goal of this case study is to provide multithreaded pieces of information in the research project and the experience gained during the course of the study. The essay will deal with multiple issues associated with the project background and meritum. Occurrences described, are inherently biased, on personal opinions of the author, and may be far from being objective.

A group of four students randomly paired by the tutor was assigned to the team. The main objective was to conduct a research project; prepare a topic, design a questionary, gather data, and finally present results as an individual pitch. We found that previously acquired skills may contribute to our research project. Our attention was attracted to the actual subject of COVID-19. Relatively fast we elaborate consensus about our topic aim. Consultations with tutors provide constraints of our project. Range of lessons equipped us with the necessary tools. Moreover, we harness previously acquired skills to conduct the process without unnecessary complications. The meta methodology of our research was to gather data based on an online questionary. Democratically we design questionary according to an individual area of interest. Each team member contributes to the design of our survey. My main role was to find participants. Previous experiences in social media marketing campaigns help me to choose an appropriate online script. After a few tests, I successfully published our survey on fifty Facebook groups. The process lasts no longer than half an hour and after one hour we start to gather the first data.

Personally, starting a new project is a very important and exciting event for me. My admiration for creative work is essential. I am conscious of this trait. When things go easy and nice, and everybody enjoys the benefits of the work I often lost my focus to continue the project. It is the usual situation. I prefer to do difficult things rather than those easy. I assume that the world is full of people who can follow the instructions, unfortunately, there are fewer of those who create them. It must be motioned that disappointment is unavoidable in group work and was a part of this project. I do not have a tendency to build tension or sensation around any vices. Furthermore, every single issue found the appropriate solution. Our willingness to cooperate overcame obstructions. Finally, our attitudes lead us toward the successful presentation of results.

Our timing from beginning of project match our afford. Suddenly we figure out that we done our project. Compare to other teams our results were enormous. We realized all of our objectives. We gather the data and we answered on main topic questions. Minor misunderstandings were not significant enough to be reported anywhere. Our group worked with synergy on a common goal, and the general atmosphere and respect for everyone were at a high level.
Main limitation we found in software used to conduct and collect data. Microsoft Forms was choice recommended by our mentor but unfortunately it was not helpful and manufactured multiple issues with data gathered and final analysis. Data analysis was difficult. When we started the process of analysis and preparation of the final presentation in which we were to present the results, we found out that all data had been averaged by Microsoft Forms. The obtained analytical data turned out to be useless for tracing how individual survey participants answered the questions asked. The main obstruction in collaborate was find suitable time slots for all stake holders. Even we collaborate online exclusively it was difficult to find suitable slot for all group members.

To sum up, we successfully answered on our topic subject. Based on our survey we understand participant’s perceptions of COVID-19. Our open question about reasons why people would like to be vaccinated or not provide raw data for further investigation. Tutors equipped us with solid knowledge of how to conduct research projects. Furthermore, practical research projects reach us in new experiences beneficial in our academic career. Brainstorming online and presentation pitch straight to the camera was an unhuman experience. I will not encourage any student to try. It is important to rise up Gibbs (1998), cycle and his learning by doing axiom. The content of this report perfectly fits its assumptions which become model examples of learning through experience.

There is always space to improve what is worth mentioning that our time management skills were insufficient. Therefore, it is the area I will put more attention to in my further projects. I will also take a leading role on further projects to leverage efficiency.

  • Gibbs, G. (1998). Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Further Education Unit. Oxford Polytechnic: Oxford.

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Module code: LIPCF133_2021_503
Assignment: REFLECTIVE REPORT: Write a reflective report based on your experiences during your EAP3 group presentation & research project.

Task Completion
I have checked the brief carefully to ensure I have followed all the instructions.
I have followed the correct formatting guidelines (see brief).
I have written between 720 and 880 words.
I have made reference to Gibb’s (1988) Reflective Cycle and included the reference in the reference list, in Cite Them Right Harvard style.
I have used entirely my own words when paraphrasing, and cited all sources I have used.
I have structured the report correctly and included the following sections: Introduction, Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion, and Action Plan.
I have not copied ideas or language directly from the example report.

Critical Reflection
I have reflected on what went well and what the reasons for this were.
I have reflected on what did not go so well and what the reasons for this were.
I have mentioned what I learned about myself (positive or negative).
In my action plan I have mentioned what I need to do in order to be better prepared to face this experience in the future.

Writing style
I have checked my work for any errors with academic style.
I have checked my work for grammar errors.

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