Business strategy for customer acquisition in the Polish market.

Introduction XXXXXh

to Polish market complex strategy

& action plan by YYYYY.

Content confidential to exclusive use of XXXXX.

The spectrum of our action is multidimensional we use all channels to promote and sells partners’ tools. The proposed below action plan is not limited and may be adjusted to specific needs. Basically, all information in this document is based on our knowledge and experience in the field of marketing promotion and advertising. All proposed actions aim to have a long-lasting effect on the market. Moreover, all of the actions are proceeded by YYYYY. We share our framework with XXXXX to familiarise you with our ‘ know-how’.

YYYYY goal:

Gather exclusive distributor status in Poland. Furthermore, in England Ireland. Proposed below action are to Polish market.

YYYYY’s Assets are direct contacts such as telephone numbers and email addresses to:

  • Managers
  • Technologist
  • CNC Operators
  • G-Code programmers

We constantly monitor the employee market via cooperation with:

  • Headhunters / Talent acquisition specialists
  • HR employment agencies.
  • Universities / Technical courses graduate

It provides us with a database not limited to information gathered on companies’ websites. We can precisely select promising prospects and propose offers to people rather than to companies. We do not engage with managers exclusively but also we work with bottom-down CNC operators. First employees who know everything about particular tool durability.

B2C / Bussines To Customer strategy for individuals

What must be done to increase the success rate in selling XXXXXh’s tools to the Polish market? What we propose and how we act.

  • All of the steps below will be conducted by YYYYY. All we need is an agreement to use your graphic and content to promote XXXXXh.
  • Most of the customers in Poland check opinions about the company before they buy anything.
  • Our design XXXXXh internet shop is currently available at the link below.
  • The above site will be used for research & analysis and will be promoted via SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation).
  • Collected data about customer behaviors will be used to analyze and for monitoring purposes in order to improve every single element of product description customer needs and other factors not recognized yet.
  • Our actions are not limited to one internet shop or webpage. However, in the first stage, we would like to precisely know what other websites shops, etc must look like to generate profit.
  • Your product ideally should be available on as many websites as it is possible to create the impression that XXXXXh is a trusted, vendor. (opinions, testimonies, and a full marketing campaign will be done to increase XXXXXh visibility).
  • Multiple social media will be used to promote XXXXX. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, most importantly we will use Youtube.
  • We carefully select companies from our database
  • Specification of Polish’s customer is. Who also use products of Smothx. Good testamonis will encourage customers to purchase.
  • From every single customer, we will try to gather testimonials in order to start building trust in XXXXXh products.
  • All of the steps from here are also important to obtain B2B customers. Visibility on the Polish internet is crucial. In Poland, nobody uses yellow pages to find companies.
  • We will answer queries from Facebook and online Forums with recommendations of XXXXXh products. If the customer will have queries suitable to your offer.
  • In general, we use all available options to promote the brand with each knowes channel of communication.

B2B / Business to Business Customers

The proposed action below will proceed after gaining visibility of XXXXX’s to the Polish market. There is no sense to try to reach the biggest companies if nobody knows about XXXXX present on the Polish market. After XXXXX gains visibility, we will reach the most promising B2B customers.

  • We personally book an appointment with the 100 biggest companies from the CNC machine section in Poland and we introduce your product directly on the customer site.
  • Our methodology is to contact those customers directly.
  • We use a previously designed database of customers to work with. The top 100 customers will be those who we would like to acquire. On the other hand without visibility XXXXX on the Polish internet, it will be almost not possible to sell anything.
  • We will send your offer via email to potentially interested managers and technologists. Our previously designed database of contacts will be used.
  • After each single telephone call, we will confirm that the mail reaches the addressee. We keep the database updated after every single contact.
  • If it will not. For example, if the data is not valid we will ask about the person responsible for purchasing.
  • We collect data such as business email addresses and telephone numbers to the individual responsible as well as those aspiring to grow in the internal company structure.
  • Then we will reach the person responsible and we engage in contact aim to establish a meeting.
  • With the biggest companies, we will insist to book appointments because it is the best way to understand the customer’s needs and gather information about competitors.
  • Each singluar customer will have a file where we will put all of the data.
  • Furthermore, we try to get the personal telephone numbers and personal emails to the critical person in the company.
  • We establish rapport with those individuals and interreact via social media as well.
  • Those kinds of contacts are our valuable assets. Even if employees will decide to change the company we still have good relationship building.
  • Huge customers are treated appropriately and will gather discounts enough good to introduce the first product on site.
  • We will engage with the biggest players at EXPO in Poland and we will gather all of the data and direct contacts to individuals attending exhibitions.
  • It is important before many of our customers are from a referral or other company’s recommendation.

Tools distributors

  • If we gather exclusive distributor status we can contact tools distributors in Poland.
  • Otherwise, it is against us to even inform other distributors that you exist on the market. If those distributors can get better discounts and offer your product to our customers cheaper then we do.
  • In a model, we offer that if YYYYY becomes your official distributor we can start to interact with every single one. From the level where XXXXXh and YYYYY know exactly from whom and where the product goes and what is pricing.
  • We will provide a full strategy on how to interact with Polish distributors after a signed agreement of cooperation between YYYYY & XXXXXh.

CNC builders cooperation with companies building equipment & CNC machine service technicians

In this model we will contact directlly CNC builder and insist to equip CNC milling machines in XXXXX tools. We will use maximum discount available to equipe new machnies in XXXXX tools. Morover, inside CNC tools specification we introduce XXXXX brand and list of tools inside machine system. That kind of solution will provide you unequal chance to reach prospective customers. In addition, service technicians become Ambassador of your product. It is the most advanced strategy we already use in England and way how we enter into British market.

Model of cooperation with each customer

  • We establish a connection with the paramount purpose of a Win-Win strategy for each participant or No-Deal.
  • We ask each customer how sold tool works on-site & if there are any new tool we can desing in order to meet specyfic customer needs.
  • We collect testimonies from each individual.
  • We contact customers via telephone call before tool durability will expire.
  • We directly face and answer for customer satisfaction and excellent experience.

Agenda of development XXXXXh to the Polish market

  1. First meeting with David about cooperation between XXXXXh & YYYYY.
  2. Gathering information about the structure of customers to the Polish market. Done 01.06.2022
  3. Negotiation is acording to become the exclusive supplier of XXXXXh tools to Polish market. Done 03.06.2022
  4. Waiting for further negotiation according to become official distribution.
  5. Preparation of this agenda Done 05.06.2022


All proposed actions will require a huge effort. We did not provide the details for every single step. Rather, in this Agenda, we would like to show our framework. Introducing that kind of action plan will be beneficial for both companies. Our actions are measurable, we use project management software Jira. We are more than happy to change any single step. In general, this strategy is based on our previous experience in building brands and generating profits. We know what and how we do. We stronglly believe that those actions will be beneficial for XXXXX & YYYYY.

Actions to attract direct individual customers

Preparation of internet shop for direct & small customers with XXXXXh tools. Small batch product number scale.

Start 03.06.2022

Deadline 06.06.2022

Selling XXXXXh tools to distributors in Poland.

If we obtain exclusive rights to represent you we will reach

Direct customers in Poland:

We have 2131 companies in the database of businesses that possess at least one CNC machine on site. The data was gathered in December 2021.

  • We put XXXXXh brand visible in Polish market & accessible for both B2B & B2C group.
  • We aim to close sells from first contact.
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