1 Explain the key features of a recognised ethical framework for counselling. (AC 1.1)

1 Explain the key features of a recognised ethical framework for counselling. (AC 1.1)

Ethical constraints are necessary to provide moral constraints and a framework for counselors. Those guidelines are important in the case of a safe environment for individuals. Ethical frameworks are designed by professional governing bodies. It means that each counselor should be able to rely on them when counseling customers. The largest organization in the UK is British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) among many others. Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions include three main sections. The first describe counsellor commitment to clients. Second include work in professional manner. Third state about ethical values and principles that should be implemented as standars for good practice.

Key points:

  1. Commitment to customers. The wellbeing of the patient is paramount. Work should be delivered according to standards. Counsellor must to keep confidentiality and show respect to customer. In building relationship boundaries should be maitaned. Discussing risks with client be honest and monitor the quality of work.
  1. Ethics

The core principle include to be trustworthy respect client autonomy. Respecting customer values according to human rights. Ease patient suffering, improve of wellbeing. Improve patient resilience. Avoiding any harm to customer, being fair and impartial. There are also personal qualities that defined a perfect counselor the most important is empathy & humility.

  1. Good practice is a section that include traits as:
  • working to professional standards
  • building trustworthy relationships
  • responding to client ethical dramas and issues
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3 Describe how an ethical framework applies to the use of counselling skills. (AC 2.1)

Ethical Framework

Thus, the counselor profession is not regulated ethical framework is an indicator of set of rules counselors abide. On the other hand ethical framework my vary between psychological associations. If counselors have for example religion believes impede them to work in a particular setting then should consider the most suitable organisation. Ethicals frameworks in psychological organizations maybe see as signposts for counselors and customers what is allowed and what is not acceptable. Therapists may belong to one or more organizations. Frameworks are codes of conduct and must abide every single time when contact with a patient occurs.

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